Welcome to Our Hygge Hive! 🕯

The Kelowna Candle Factory is available to ship out wholesale, custom and online orders. PLEASE be patient with your candle orders as they are in high demand, we make all the products FRESH in the factory so it takes apprx 1 week to ship out or pick up your order. Thank you! 

 UPDATE with our storefront: We are open Tuesday – Saturday 10am to 5pm. Come visit us we would love to see you!  What’s NEW? We have MANY Fall Season Scents including Pumpkin, Vanilla & Chai YUM!

We have a variety of beautiful BEESWAX and SOY candles our newest is our Top Shelf Soy Candles – 48 FUNNY sayings , face/body misters and Beautiful Boutique Candles with amazing scents for you or as a lovely gift for someone! 

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What we love to do – gift our customers with a little  light and one of a kind fun experience, come in for our jar refill service and Enjoying smelling and picking your favourite scent from 155+ scents for us to refill in your vessels of any shape, size or material (if it doesn’t leak we likely can make it into a beautiful candle!) another fun experience – book a private FUN candle workshop Minimum 2 people up to 12 per workshop. If interested to come in and create a lovely beeswax candle glow bowl  contact us via text 250.212.8698 $25 each person, we will do our best to fit your group in! 


We also do gift certificates if you want to gift someone a fun candle workshop, always a Great idea! 🙂

We have also been working on adding more incredible products on our website check them out:


If you have placed an local order online, via text or email. We can arrange pick up and delivery if you are local. Let us know if we can put together a little care package for you or someone you want to give a little love & light too! We greatly appreciate your business!
Keep well!

Our unique and great smelling Candle Factory is located on Ellis Street in the heart of Kelowna’s Cultural District and is home to a creative buzz and incredible candles that are made on site, not hidden behind walls but right out in the open for you to watch the process unfold!

Come visit us at our storefront location today, a worthwhile experience, just the divine smell alone will brighten your day!

What is a Hygge Hive? We have had many of our lovely customers comment that our business and our candles create “hygge” for them which is a Danish word that means to create a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality (friendliness, warmth and liveliness) that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.”Why not follow the Danish example and bring more hygge into your daily life?” .

Each candle at The Kelowna Candle Factory is handmade with 100% all natural canadian beeswax or 100% all natural soy. Candles all made with 100% cotton wick (lead and zinc free) which is long lasting and clean burning. Fill your home with the subtle scent of honey from beautiful naturally fragrant 100% pure beeswax candles or add a soothing aromatherapy scent to your 100% natural soy candles.  We love our candle customers and this lovely world we are dedicated to always finding ways to reduce our waste and environmental foot print on this earth 🌍  not only do we source high quality environmentally sound supplies and packaging for our products but we created our refill service to Recycle ♻️ Reuse and Repurpose containers you already have in your home for zero waste! We love seeing all the amazing funky containers all different sizes! Kelowna Candle Factory scent oil blends are pure clean scents safe for your home sweet home, free from carcinogens, toxins and any hazardous chemicals.  Thank you 🙏 for helping by Recycling  ♻️ Reusing and Repurposing! The Kelowna Candle Factory Candles are made with filtered non-toxic wax, so they produce a bright, clear, steady flame, and beautiful illumination. Let us light the way to your soothing sanctuary!

Ear Cone Candles:we make ear cone candles that are made of 100% unbleached muslin cloth dipped in 100% pure beeswax. Our Ear Cone Candles are made with the highest quality ingredients and dipped in Beeswax the ear cone naturally is softer and easier to mould and adjust inside your ear canal and they are not stiff like paraffin ear candles, be aware to use a aluminum pie plate to catch any drips as Beeswax ear cones do drip when heated and tilted, do use our INSTRUCTIONS for safest and best ear candling experience!

Refill program:we have a great refill program where you bring your empty jars to refill at Factory Outlet Prices!

Custom Candles:Ignite your inner glow! Let’s collaborate and curate beautiful custom hand poured candle creations for you and your clients/customers, we work with you one on one to transform your vision into your own personalized carefully crafted candle.

Workshops/Events: We host fun and education candle making workshops and events where you make your own candles and have FUN text#250.212.8698 to book time! Even if there is only two of you and you want something fun to do on an afternoon and making a beautiful candle with a friend sounds lovely contact us and we will make it happen! 😉

REFILL Service Saves you Money!
  • Wholesale Factory Outlet Wholesale Price .95 per ounce.
  • We can refill any  container with natural soy wax with your choice of scent (over 100+) or if you prefer 100% pure beeswax please bring in thicker containers as they burn at a higher temperature than Soy Wax.
  • If you already have containers you love, don’t throw them out – refill them for a fraction of the price comparable to buyzing a new one!
  • Check out our list of scents on our website, or come in smell right from our scent wall! CLICK HERE for SCENT LIST 🙂

Please contact us today

We are located at 1278 Ellis Street, between Cawston Street (Laurel Building) and Clement Street (BNA). Across the street from us is Chai Baba Teas. We are in the strip mall beside Lions Cycle.


Phone#250.861.3918 Fax#250.861.3936 or text only#250.212.8698 email: sales@kelownacandlefactory.com
Current STORE Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday : 10am to 5pm
Sunday & Monday Closed.
Holidays Hours:
Christmas Eve Day 11-1pm, closed Wednesday Dec 25th until January 1st, reopen January 2nd 10-4pm. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We are not doing the customer a favor by serving them but they are doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so, thank you.