Paraffin Ingredientsthings you should know

  • Many commercial candles are made from paraffin, the grayish-black sludge that oozes from the backside of the petroleum refineries. It’s bleached, textured with a carcinogenic product called acrolyn, chemically coloured and artificially scented.
What about the wick?Not something you would want burning inches from you…
  • Health Canada is urging the Canadian candle industry to stop manufacturing and importing candles with lead and zinc core wicks. They are hazardous to human health – even in small amounts. Some candle makers use lead and zinc cores to make the wicks rigid.

Lighten Upthere is hope. 

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  • The Kelowna Candle Factory’s all natural beeswax candles are hand-crafted from 100% Pure Canadian Beeswax, harvested from the lush wildflower fields bordering the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Alfalfa clover gives our beeswax a country goodness and sweet, rich honey fragrance. They’re all natural soy candles are hand-crafted from 100% Natural Canadian Soy. We use a natural cotton wick – no metallic cores.

Beeswax IngredientsMother Nature’s perfect fuel.

  • Legend has it that bees were offered to the Earth by the Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love, to teach humankind how to use and respect Nature. Beeswax is a remarkable natural substance that cannot be imitated. It is a by-product of honey, which originates in flowers and is made by the youngest honeybees in the colony. The flower nectar is placed in the honeycomb’s individual cells and when one cell is full, the bees place a wax cap over the honey for storage.

Beeswax FactsBeeswax actually cleans the air! 

  • Beeswax candles produce negative ions that attract positive ions. But, positive ions aren’t so positive. They’re the pollutants such as dust, odours, toxins, pollen, mold, bacteria, and viruses that are floating in the air. Beeswax neutralizes the pollutants and the simply fall to the ground. The dustier your home, the more “black debris” you’ll find deposited in the wax around the wick.
  • Burning a beeswax candle in the bedroom for a half hour before sleep helps produce a more restful sleep.
  • Beeswax is a safe, valuable fuel – one of the purest known –  and it burns slower and cleaner than paraffin, therefore it’s cheaper to use.
  • Beeswax is virtually smokeless and dripless when used properly (see below).
  • Beeswax burns with a golden halo and is significantly hotter than paraffin.
  • Please Note: candles listing beeswax as an ingredient may contain as little as 30% beeswax. If it doesn’t state on the label “100% pure beeswax” it probably isn’t.

Beeswax/Soy Candle Etiquette & Safety tipsLet there BEE light!

  • Quicker Lighting! Light your candles at an angle at the base of the wick.
  • Trim the Wick! Keep the wick trimmed at 1/4 inch at the start and each time you burn it as it prevents wick from having a large uncontrollable flame (looks like a mushroom cap) which will result in dripping, smoking and will lessen burn time too!
  • CENTER WICK with a TWIST! :  Every time you light the candle make sure the wick is centered you will notice candle wick may be curved to one side after it has been burned, this is natural as flames flicker and move but whatever side the wick is resting at that makes you aware that there is a slight draft on the other side making wick curve more to that side, to remedy it, next time you burn it than 180 the candle and have flame facing opposite direction and burn candle again and if everytime wick is curved to the example: right side than to remedy it, so you won’t end up with an uneven burn and dripping down the right side than every time you burn candle after trimming wick to 1/4″ than twist candle 180 degrees so it has a chance to burn evenly on both sides, if you don’t want to do this everytime than at least ensure that the wick is trimmed and straightened this way the flame is controlled and won’t cause the candle to drip!
  • Longer Life! Push the sidewalls into the liquid wax pool to raise the level of the wax. Be careful not to over push – it will cause wax leakage and smoulder the wick. This prevents “hollowing” of the candle and prevents the incidents of a weaken of the walls of the candles which may cause a hole to open and wax to leak out of side of candle. Best to push in the walls after the wax has slightly cooled off.  
  • Dunk it! Instead of blowing out your beeswax candles, extinguish it by “dunking” the wick into the melted wax. Don’t forget to flip it back up! This way, you’ll have a smokeless wick that is easier to light the next time. 
  • Keep Burning! For 3″ diameter pillar candles or larger, burn for 2 hours the first time and at least every 3rd or 4th burn to establish a   nice “melt pool” and ensure optimal burning time for the life of your candle. Your candle may develop a tendency to burn down the middle and   not out to the sides if it is not burned long enough each time. 
  • Dodge the Draft! We suggest to not burn candles near windows, vents, fans, fireplaces and heaters. Air drafts may cause an uneven burn resulting in a slope on one side which could create excess dripping of wax, smoking of flame due to the wax leakage, and cracked glass if flame gets too close to holder. 
  • Uneven Surfaces! Uneven surfaces will cause the melted wax pool and flame to heat up one side more than the other causing for an uneven burn which will cause for a weakening of one side, which will make a slope and cause the dripping of wax down the candle.  
  • Hold it – HEAT resistant Surface only or place candle containers on a heat resistant inflammable plate or bowl! Never place a burning candle (including candles that are in a silver or plastic T-lite cups, candle metal tins or glass jars) directly on any surface unless it is a HEAT resistant surface, if you would put a hot pot from your stove onto this surface it is heat resistant. NEVER place burning candle in it’s hot container directly on wood or synthetic material. Votives and T-lites are designed to completely liquefy when burning therefore use a heat resistant holder. With all candles if you choose to place on non heat resistant surfaces like a wood desk or counter, place a inflammable bowl or plate underneath the container, that is slightly larger than container that way you will en sure that the heat from the candle container will not burn an area that is NOT heat resistant. Especially with beeswax pillars the plate will catch any possible spillage due to draft, uneven balance, not pushing in sides after candle has cooled down, bumping candle or blowing out of candle. Suggest also not to leave a candle where it is close to an edge which if there is a incident will not accidentally spill onto furniture or floors. 
  • Properly Burn it! Votives and T-lites are designed to completely liquefy when burning. Make sure to choose appropriate heat-resistant holders for beeswax. Soy wax can use any type of holder, does not have to be heat-resistant as it has a low melting point temperature where as beeswax has a high melting point temperature. NEVER burn the pillar candles directly beside each other the heat from each candle will be too much and start a hot pocket and start naturally melting the sides of each candle quickly into a puddle mess same with the HURRICANE holders never use these with beeswax candles they trap all the heat in that bubble and will completely melt it the longer it is kept in that little heated bubble. Always burn pillars on a plate so that the pillar itself stays cool and has room to breathe!  Trim the wick at the start at least 1/4″ to keep the wick from not mushrooming or producing smoke. You can put a teaspoon of water or sea salt at the bottom of the votive cup before placing the votive or t-lite in it. This makes for an easier removal of the wick tab and wax after the candle has burned down. You may also place the cup in the freezer for wax removal. Votives and T-lites have wick tabs to hold the wick up and centered. The tab also helps disperse the heat for a safe burn. Candle tapers need a secure holder. If the taper does not fit light the candle and drip some of the wax in the inside of the candle holder and immediately put the candle in the holder, holding it for a few moments so the hot wax solidifies with the bottom of the cooler wax on the candle to secure it. Pillars must be burned on a heat and flame resistant plate.
  • Right Size! Bowls are Made of 100% pure beeswax please ALWAYS put pebbles we supplied at the base bottom inside bowl so that the small Tlite/Tealight won’t ever touch the bottom or sides of bowl when burning and absolutely NEVER use a candle bigger than a little Tlite/Tealight as it will be too hot for the top and sides and could most definitely melt it!
  • Bloem free! Beeswax candles may be stored for long periods of time without deterioration because of the stability of the beeswax. However, over time some of the low melting point components in the wax may migrate to the surface and give the candle a frosty or antiqued appearance. This is called “bloem” and is easily removed by wiping the candle with a cloth or your warm hands. 
  • Enjoy it! The Kelowna Candle Factory’s 100% Pure Beeswax Candles and Natural Soy Candles, The Natural Choice!


Our ear cone candle product is 100% natural – 100% natural unbleached Muslin cloth and 100% pure organic beeswax so it is naturally softer than the ones dipped in paraffin or a blend. We only use completely 100% natural ingredients. Beeswax naturally drips here & there especially if ear cone candles are tilted when heated that is why it is important to follow the  instructions and put ear candle thru an aluminum pie plate and a towel to catch any odd outside drips.

Etiquette & Safety tips for extended version of safety tips

  • Always have someone ASSISTING you, do not ear candle by yourself for safety reasons. Lay on your SIDE ensure you are comfortable.
  • Completely cover hair with a towel, expose the ear to be candled. Cut a small hole exact size of candles in pie plate to catch any dripping of wax or ash.
  • Get the person being ear candled to comfortably INSERT the narrow end tip of candle into their ear, person doing ear candling LIGHT the top of cone candle. Use one ear candle per ear.
  • You will hear the SOUND of a crackling flame when correctly inserted.
  • Allow candle to BURN down apprx 6-8″ apprx 5-10 minutes per candle.
  • Trim the burnt candle/ash off the ear candle as it burns down.
  • Ear candles work best if you halfway take out ear candle out of ear and clean the excess ear wax from the tip of ear candle to ensure hole is not clogged with wax.
  • Very CAREFULLY remove lit candle from ear and DIP the burning end into a cup of water to extinguish it, do not try and blow it out!

Who should not have Ear Candling?

  • People who have ear tubes
  • Perforated/Artificial ear drums
  • Ear tumor/cancer
  • Ear Surgery
  • Any serious medical problems must be addressed & referred to a medical doctor

Beeswax Cleaning Tips …Let there BEE clean up!

  • Candle Holders: For excess beeswax in holders, let them sit in HOT water in the sink for at least 1/2 hour. Scoop holders out of the water with plastic gloves or utensil (not to burn hands). Wearing the gloves, using small spoon, scoop any excess warmed wax out and wipe out remainder with paper towel. Afterwards if you are wanting them good as new place in dishwasher for a rinse or wash in warm water in sink with dish soap.  
  • Rugs or Cloths: Use brown paper bag cut it out place over beeswax on rug or cloth and place your iron (turn to med heat) on the paper bag the heat will absorb the wax into the paper bag. If it is a tablecloth or clothing after you remove all excess wax than the oil from wax will remain therefore prior to placing in washer, place dish detergent in a bowl using an old tooth brush dip detergent on toothbrush and place on spots on the clothes or cloth than scrub in circular motion. Afterwards wash in highest temp that the garment will allow and dry as normal. 
  • Hard Surfaces: Wait until completely cooled and than peel off of table with small blade or may come off easily with your fingernails be careful not to push blade into table. Use hot wash cloth to wipe away residue.
  • Postive Experience!  If at anytime you are not satisfied with The Kelowna Candle Factory’s 100% Pure Beeswax Candles, 100% Natural Soy Candles or Ear Cone Candles, please we want to hear from you as we do not want your last impression of our candles or our service not to be a good one! We will make it right, we appreciate all feedback and we will use your experience to make the changes to improve and we will send you a replacement or a gift candle in return for your feedback!