Double wicked candles are specifically  designed to burn very bright with a large flame and to have incredible drippings.  Our beautiful beeswax double wicked candles show so much  better on camera than regular single wick paraffin candles. Plus they are non toxic and burn not only more brightly yet longer than paraffin.

The waxes we offer is our 100% pure beeswax which are the best for film yet if you are wanting an ivory whitish candle we also do 100% pure soy and all movie/film candles have a 100% cotton braided double wick.

For fastest service please have your set manager or assistant contact us direct by call or text 250.212.8698. We will easily take you thru a quick check in with what your vision is and get candles at your doorstep asap for you to do a camera test to see what colours/hues will pop.

….”The candles arrived and the colours are great. We are doing a camera test this week so will know more then. Thank you so much for expediting it 🙂 We will be in touch soon 👍”…..

Once you know your hue ….

…”The boss loves the 7” double wicked golden beeswax candle. Can you please give me a price on it ?”…

We will quote you a great WHOLESALE price and next you will figure out the quantity you need! We are fast and efficient as we know you need your props for the finishing touches of truly making the scenes pop.

Once our team makes all of your amazing candles for set we pack them all up and….

…”Good morning. Your cheque is ready!!! I will FedEx it overnight tonight 👍. Do you want it sent to 1278 Ellis Street? I believe it will require a signature but not sure. Would you be comfortable with me scheduling a candle pick up for Friday? If so, can you please tell me the pick up address, time window (business hours), contact name and phone number? I also need the box dimensions (length, width, height) and weight.  Let me know what works best for you. Thanks Carla!”….

We provide all the information above and within 2 business days (in the west) and 5 business days (in the east) they will arrive for you to put on set!

We are excited to have our candles on your set! We appreciate you giving us this opportunity!

Ready, Set, Action!

Orders may also be placed in person at The Kelowna Candle Factory located at 1278 Ellis Street in downtown Kelowna, by phone/text at office 250.212.8698, or phone at candle factory 250.861.3918 or email.