"Absolutely awesome to chat with Sean about candles! Great service and an awesome shop! Highly recommended for anyone interested in purchasing bees wax candles, honey, or learning more about them!"Lexi Ferrie - Kelowna, BC
Lexi Ferrie - Kelowna, BC
"...Got to visit this site for the first time but I'll definitely be back! It was so fun getting to pick out scents. My favorite so far is Angel Amaretto!.."Michelle Hunt - Kelowna, BC
Michelle Hunt - Kelowna, BC
" What would we do without your beautiful candles, we would be walking in darkness" - to quote the Christian Scriptures.Rev. Welby Walker - Surrey, BC
Rev. Welby Walker - Surrey, BC
"I love this place. All the candles make your house smell like honey....And they don't bother my allergies.."Randi Smith - Kelowna, BC
Randi Smith - Kelowna, BC
"It's hard to know which of the praises of this wonderful spot to sing first. ?. I so believe in supporting small businesses over corporations; in helping families work together and be able to do what they love. It's very obvious owners Carla and Sean love what they do. It's evidenced in the care they take with their products and in helping all of us lucky enough to come into their store and factory to find the perfect scent. I leave my "Rain" pot candle with the lid open and just love the scent and natural soy ingredients. Carla's cheerful smile and welcoming personality brightened my day. Thank you."Laura Tessmer - Kelowna, BC
Laura Tessmer - Kelowna, BC
I appreciate the fact that you have lived up to your statement about customer service ("We are not doing the customer a favor by serving them but they are doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so, thank you." ) and are pleased to count you amongst our best suppliers! Margaret Morris The Upstairs and Downstairs Shoppe Sechelt BC
"Your candles provide a warm glow in all the open spaces and little niches of my life and home. There is gentle serenity in every flame and their lulling fragrance with every burning..... sometimes people need to be reminded of how wonderful "the real thing" is in comparison to cheap alternatives...." Debbie Brousseau, Westmount, Quebec
Debbie Brousseau, Westmount, Quebec
"....Avalon Sunset's Beeswax Candles fits in with our philosophy of environmentally friendlier products, Avalon Sunset Candles has proved to be a dependable source of a quality product at a reasonable price....." Earth's General Store, Edmonton, AB
Earth's General Store, Edmonton, AB
"....Our customers really like the exceptional quality of the 100% beeswax craftsmanship, variety and very reasonable prices of Avalon Sunset's Candles. As retailers, we are very happy with the presentation display that is available with the candles, it takes up very little space, is eye catching and really promotes sales, as well as the friendly and reliable service......" Seed of Life, Victoria, BC
Seed of Life, Victoria, BC
"The owners are beyond amazing as the product! Carla and Sean are extremely passionate and informative of their product providing answers to any questions you may have. The candle workshop is located right in their retail store on Ellis street downtown Kelowna so you can even watch how they are made! All of their candles are 100% natural beeswax, free of all toxins and paraffins, and not only are they safe to burn, they actually clean the air as they burn! 🙂 I love them and recommend them to everyone I know! ❤️ "
Brenda Wowk - Kelowna, BC
Brenda Wowk - Kelowna, BC
"Carla & team have created a fabulous product and awesome retail atmosphere! Love the root beer flavored soy candle! They really stand behind their community and donated 150 candle packs for the swag bags at our FUNDRIASER!!!"Sarah Porter - Owner of Bella Boutique - Kelowna, BC
Sarah Porter - Owner of Bella Boutique - Kelowna, BC
"When I moved in I placed your beeswax candle on my dresser and told Marko that it was a gift to warm and bless our new home... so a few weeks ago we lit it together and we love it! Thank you!" Zenia Smith, Yoga Instructor of Zen Yoga, Toronto, ON
Zenia Smith, Yoga Instructor of Zen Yoga, Toronto, ON
"The candles that Avalon Sunset Candles make are the best candles you can buy. All natural Bees Wax are great for you and smell really nice as well. The staff at Avalon are also very helpful and always willing to drop what ever they are doing to help you out!"Rob Sullivan - Kelowna, BC
Rob Sullivan - Kelowna, BC
"Avalon Sunset Candle Factory is a great place with amazing hand-made unique products. Friendly people who create an interesting and lovely variety of beautiful soy and beeswax candles. They welcome groups events and are great with children! Thanks for taking the time Sean and Carla to show us your fabulous candle factory!"Marlee - Home School Group - Kelowna, BC
Marlee - Home School Group - Kelowna, BC
"Love these candles so much❤️❤️ordering more tomorrow!"Melanie Chasmar - Hanley, Saskatchewan
Melanie Chasmar - Hanley, Saskatchewan
"Great candles, great people! I use the beeswax candles for the set of my talkshow on Shaw TV Okanagan and they look and smell sooooo good!"Lisa Redl - The Doug & Lisa Show - Kelowna, BC
Lisa Redl - The Doug & Lisa Show - Kelowna, BC
"I appreciate your fine products and the clean ingredients."  Tamara - Happy Tides - Victoria, BC
Tamara - Happy Tides - Victoria, BC

"I got my candles yesterday, they are divine. Thank you!"

Kathleen May - Hamilton, Ontario
Kathleen May - Hamilton, Ontario
"I love Avalon Sunset 100% natural beeswax candles, I feel good every time I light a candle knowing that it's supporting a local Canadian business, and that it's healthful and beautiful too."Deirdre Phillips, Vancouver, BC
Deirdre Phillips, Vancouver, BC
"We use ALL of your Avalon Sunset 100% pure beeswax candles for our events and they look, smelled and make the room feel amazing. There is never a moment when a candle isn't burning. We always gift each of our students one at the end of the events! Your spirit, infused in each candle was present as our Luminaries Students went through MAJOR transformation. We did a special candle light ceremony at the end to send them all off into the world to shine their light! Thanks for shining yours, Carla! "Callan Rush Co-founder, Leader to Luminary
Callan Rush Co-founder, Leader to Luminary

"...The candles arrived yesterday - just in time for opening.  They are beautiful, and selling well already - I'll be placing another order soon..."   

Moody Bee owner Krista Moody, Kimberly BC
Moody Bee owner Krista Moody, Kimberly BC
"Avalon Sunset Candle Factory is an incredible place. It is located in a fun and vibrant part of Kelowna. The factory itself is inspiring and worth the visit. Upon arrival you are greeted with a delicious smell and delightful customer service, it is a wonderful experience. The product itself is refreshing, I am new to beeswax candles but am loving the clean air they provide, the bright light they shine, and the aroma. On your visit to Kelowna, definitely make Avalon Sunset Candle Factory a place to visit, and for locals - definitely check it out!"Kelly Lamb - Kelowna, BC
Kelly Lamb - Kelowna, BC
"Thank you to Carla and Sean for creating such beautiful, all natural beeswax candles. And thank you to Carla for being so awesome! It's been an absolute pleasure doing business with her. I placed an order online which was simple and delivered within just few days with a sweet hand-written note from Carla. I was delighted with the candles, they were absolutely beautiful, burned so cleanly, leaving my home feeling hugged. Great product! Great value! Great Business! Great people!"Traci Woodward - Edmonton, AB
Traci Woodward - Edmonton, AB