Indulging your home with an abundance of a candles…this creates a modern home diva status without breaking a nail, a sweat or your pocketbook.
The best way to make your home sparkle is with lighting this includes the wonderful glow of 100% pure beeswax candles! For Drama arrange 5-10 pillar candles, all in varying heights on the fireplace mantel or the kitchen island.
Sleep is essential to good health and beauty, and this time of year you may not be getting enough. Light a beeswax candle prior to bed and this will optimize your sleep and save energy and money by lowering the room temp before you crawl under the covers.
A solitary candle flame can transform an ordinary dinner into a special occasion and an evening bath into a relaxing ritual. We have a candle for every occasion!

Unexpected Placements:
T-lites and votives are perfect for the little nooks and crannies around your home. Put them on a staircase or along a window sill. Have brightly colored glass holders sitting in a votive tree.

Encouraging Romance:
Set the scene for a bath for two! Try placing them in a line along the vanity and watch the romantic sparks fly!


Tapers or dinner candles are traditionally used to set an elegant table. Have them stand alone, in pairs with matching candlesticks or grouped in a collection of mismatched candlesticks made from antique brass, pewter, silver or glass.

Replacing electric light:
Chunky Pillars and tapers are an alternative to light bulbs in the living room, bedroom or kitchen. Style Options: Pillars are currently the most popular candles – group single-coloured pillars together at different heights on a dinner table, coffee table or tray. Group candles in front of a mirror in a narrow space to give the illusion of depth…

I personally lite a candle in my office. It is a way to focus on what I loved to do. We recently started saying a new little saying after my boys blow out our candles in our home (inspired by Evan’s little friend Sonya)…..”Little candle burning bright, thank you for your little lite…1…2…3..(blow it out).