We create handmade 100% glowing beeswax bowls that we are incredibly proud to share with customers. Our continuous collection of beeswax glow bowls are artistically beautiful, unique, functional and sustainable. Yet not perfect the imperfections are what makes each one unique like a snowflake.

Because each bowl is crafted by hand in our kelowna candle factory workshop, each one is unique, with one-of-a-kind patterns in each piece.

While these lines, ridges and circles might appear to the naked eye as an imperfection, these so-called imperfections, is where some of our favorite bowls emerge.

Lines, ridges or circles occur, on beeswax glow bowls because the wax is congealing immediately around a round mold filled with cold water and it is setting and solidifying quickly as more wax is dipped on top of it, thus it may form rings, lines and circles. Each bowl is unique like a snowflake and none are like the other. It is a creative handcrafted candle with wax that has a mind of its own. We can never guarantee a bowl without lines, ridges, circles to be a perfectly solid glow bowl.

Our Glow Bowls are Made of 100% pure beeswax please ALWAYS put pebbles we supplied at the base bottom inside bowl so that the small Tlite/Tealight won’t ever touch the bottom or sides of bowl when burning and absolutely NEVER use a candle bigger than a little Tlite/Tealight in our regular size glow bowls as it will be too hot for the top and sides and could most definitely melt it!