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Workshops you are allowed Minimum 2 and Maximum 16 friends or family! If interested to come in with a friend or family to make lovely beeswax candle glow bowls.

Kindly contact us 250.212.8698 as we would love to supply you with a little light 🕯and fun this season, we will do our best to fit you in during the week or weekend! 

NEW pricing fee is as follows:

If you are interested in a small private gathering of 2 up to 16 people we are happy to accommodate text or call 250.212.8698 with a date you are  interested in and we will update you with time slots available that date and schedule it in! Workshops are $25 per person includes workshop and lovely candle glow bowl you create if anyone at workshops want to make a 2nd bowl they are only $20 each:) Hope to hear from you and so appreciate you shopping with us! 🕯🔥🕯

 Yellow is the natural colour of beeswax (it may be a different shade of yellow depending on what the bees pollinate) and there will be at least 3  colours for your workshop (the lovely colours are made with yellow beeswax and Enviro Dye’s). Have fun dipping! Thank you for supporting local:) 

We host fun and education candle making workshops and events where you make your own candles and have FUN text#250.212.8698 to book time!
Even if there is only two of you and you want something fun to do and making a beautiful candle with a friend or your family sounds lovely contact us and we will make it happen! 🙂 We normally only need 24 hours notice in advance so we can ensure to turn on extra wax tanks for you to have a few fun colors to play with, if you would like to book a private event no difference in price just need you to Text Or Call 250.212.8698 to hold your date (and we will update you with details!).

What do we do during a workshop? :


Release your creative side and design your very own beautiful beeswax glow bowl with friends! Enjoy your candle long after the event is over this masterpiece doesn’t just sit in the corner but will spread the light and memories that last a lifetime!

Inhale the devine smells, bee inspired, create & HAVE FUN!

Welcome to our make your own candle events! Our goal is to bring fun and creativity to our guests and bring more uniqueness in the Okanagan! Do something different! Come in and create in our funky candle studio and factory in the heart of the Cultural District downtown on Ellis, this event is for everyone! When you feel like getting creative and inhaling heavenly scents, with good music and good company, you will be welcome to come in and indulge your creative side! Release your inner artist and spread the light and memories that last a lifetime!

What is the price?:

Our new Private Glow Bowl Workshop Fee is $25 (plus tax) per individual. With that you get:

1 beautiful glow bowls that you create with pebbles, 2 beeswax Tlite candles and instruction card.

This includes approximately an hour  (depending on size of group) of educational fun of candle making, hands on dipping, creating and designing your very own candle beeswax glow bowl to take home for you to enjoy 🙂 and don’t forget the FUN time and LAUGHTER with family and friends!

Can we choose a Colour for a private event?

Yes if we have it! We offer the natural colour of Pure Beeswax which is yellow (the shade of yellow depends on what the bees pollinate) and there will be at least 2-3 extra beeswax colours for your workshop (the lovely colours are made with yellow beeswax and Enviro Dye’s). The only thing we cannot guarantee is a specific shade of colour example such as “olive” green  or “aqua“ blue as it depends on our shade of our natural beeswax colour at the time of your workshop as the natural colour can be anywhere from fluorescent yellow-golden all the way to a light to dark brown. For our lovely beeswax colours, We mix 100% natural enviro dyes with our 100% Pure “Yellow” beeswax and that produces the shade of colour. So we definitely can have a specific colour for you but cannot guarantee a specific shade of that colour. Current Colours are the natural yellow, red, green, orange, blue and purple.

Contact Us:

Are you wanting to book a certain date and looking for something unique to do?

Make it a truly memorable time and leave everyone you invite thinking about the very cool and fun experience you gave them and they will get to bring home their very own creation that they can enjoy!

BEST way to contact us to book an event is via TEXT or Call 250.212.8698 or simply stop by our candle factory @ 1278 Ellis Street in Downtown Kelowna!

What to Bring?:

Once we have confirmed your date and time and apprx know the # of guests, we will update you on all details!

Payment Options :

To secure your spot for your private event text us 250.212.8698 to hold the date, we do not request a deposit up front to hold or book your spots!

We accept credit cards and direct debit cards, cash and e-transfers too (

Where to Find Us?

We are conveniently located in the heart of the Downtown Cultural District of Kelowna, BC.

We are located at 1278 Ellis Street, between Cawston (Laurel Building) and Clement Street (BNA). Across the street from us is Chia Baba Teas. We are in the strip mall beside Lions Cycle and J’s cafe. 

1278 Ellis Street
Kelowna, BC V1Y 1Z4

We are located at 1278 Ellis Street you are welcome to park in front of our business if there is spaces available, if you are coming to an evening private event you are welcome to park anywhere along the private parking – strip mall. Thank you!

Please contact us today

Girlfriend FUN!

Dec 3rd, 2019 Evening Sip N Dip: We did have a great time, loved it, we will be back again….pros next time! Thanks for the fun night! …Helen

It was a great nite !!  Inspired lots of good ideas with my friends ….
And my clients had fun and came away feeling “successful “ which is important to me …. Thankyou !! ….Gail Doell


FUN Public SIP N DIP nights too!
FUN staff parties too!
Thank you for hosting us we had such a great time 💕Great Experience 💕We all love the beeswax glow bowls 💕…Oxygen Yoga Kelowna owner Kasia Kadzielska
December 13th, 2019 Afternoon Workshop: We had a fantastic time! Thank you….Ruth…..Graham Rogers Management Inc.
It was a fun time! Thanks….Lester….Graham Rogers Management Inc.
Family Or Couples FUN!
We have family/friends afternoon workshops too! 🥰🐝🕯

I have my glow blow lit right now – so cozy and smells amazing. I tell everyone they should go and make glow bowls 😄 it was the best! …Tina S.

We loved it! It was such a fun evening and everyone was able to take home something they were proud of 😊, Mary Redfearn

School FUN!

Birthday Party FUN!
“All the kids had a fun time there! It was certainly different and they had an opportunity to showcase their inner genius 😜 the kids from South Africa took their masterpieces back home with them so it will be a pleasant reminder of that special day here ! Thanks again for accommodating them and Sean was great with them too 👍🏽“

We are located at 1278 Ellis Street, between Cawston Street (Laurel Building) and Clement Street (BNA). Across the street from us is Chai Baba Teas. We are in the strip mall beside Lions Cycle and People Bistro.

text only#250.212.8698
Current Hours:
Tuesday-Saturday  10am – 4pm
Sunday & Monday Closed

We are not doing the customer a favor by serving them but they are doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so, thank you.