We are happy to announce we are starting as of July 1st, 2020 a candle jar refill local pick up and drop off program. We will slowly include all of Kelowna areas and will begin to expand to outer areas if the demand grows!

You can still of course drop off your own containers at our downtown location at 1278 Ellis Street during our open times (or contact us 250.212.8698 if there is a day you will be in our area and we will do our best to arrange to meet you or for you to leave your containers elsewhere, same idea with picking up your finished candle refills).

***FREE Parking out front of our factory and 5 minute pick up parking spot in front of Chai Baba Tea across the street from the candle factory***

Steps to use program!

1. Contact us via text us 250.212.8698 Or Email sales@kelownacandlefactory.com

2. Print up Refill form click link below and include in your box or bag of containers.


3. If you would prefer just text or email us:
Full Name, Kelowna area/address, Cell# AND Email Address.

2. Confirm how many containers we will be picking up.

3. Once we confirm with you what day we can pick up please leave your containers out at your front door in a bag or box with refill sheet you printed unless you texted or emailed all information.

***To get Beeswax out of containers put it in the freezer to pop out the bottom, for Soywax place it in warm water to scoop out with a spoon the remaining wax and wick clip and dispose. Afterwards Wash it out with hot soapy water or wash in dishwasher! We can melt remainer of wax out of the containers if you are not able too!***

4. Put a note in each jar the scent you would like if you don’t care which containers have which scents than text scents over or put names of scents on back of refill sheet.

*** If you would like we can send you our updated scent list. CLICK ***

5. Once we pick up Your containers we will update you the total to pay via etransfer sales@kelownacandlefactory.com password candles. If you would like to know apprx how much you will be paying you are welcome to put water in each jar and measure the ounces to the top plus 12% tax.

6. Once we receive your payment we will pour your candle refills and update what day we will be in your area to drop off at your front door!

AND most importantly Enjoy Burning 🔥 your new candles 🕯 and thank you for recycling, reusing And repurposing your Containers!

Keep Well 🙂