Beeswax Variety of Candles Promo Pack


These promo packs are a sample of traditional top sellers of beeswax candles without buying in full cases. They are a Great introduction for any retail outlet! Enjoy!

Top Sellers: V2Nx18, TLNx64, TLPACKx5, P6Nx8, P3Nx4, P5Nx4, T6Nx4, T9Nx4, T12Nx4

2″ Votives x 18units

T-lites x 64units

T-lite 10 Packs x 5 Packs

6×1.5 Pillar x 8 units

3×3 Pillar x 4 units

5×3 Pillar x 4 units

6″ Tapers x 4 units

9″ Tapers x 4 units

12″ Tapers x 4 units