BEE LOVE Children’s Book! Proceeds goes towards saving the bees!


Bee Love is the tale of a little bee with a hungry heart. What he yearns for, very much, mirrors what we have all desired. His Queen Bee, Mother, imparts her wisdom which allows her son to discover what matters most in life. Bee Love is a gift that keeps on giving. Proceeds, from every book sold, goes towards saving the bees!

This is Kristin Hallett’s first children’s book. Hallett has worked in apiaries, learning the art of beekeeping and falling deeply in love with the magic of the bee kingdom. Bee Love, began as a vivid dream, when pregnant. To Kristin, this story was sent to us all, by her baby, Will, before he returned back up to the stars.
The book is pure magic! I’ve always had an affinity for bees and I think they are truly the species to make the world an even better place (than they already do!).