2oz Beeswax Tin Therapeutic Candles Case Karma-Gratitude-Love – 18 units

10% off buying by the case! (18 units per case)

100% Pure Beeswax with Beautiful Clean Scents that bring a smile to your face and to the room with it’s delicious smells and beautiful shining light.

Karma – Patchouli, Raspberry&Pear

Gratitude – Cedar, Sandalwood&Fir

Love – Black Cherry, Jasmin&Lavender


1.7oz Beeswax Tin Therapeutic Candles Case

100% Pure BeesWax with 100% Cotton Wick with Therapeutic Oil Blends

Scents 3 of Karma-Gratitude-Love 18 tins in total

Karma: Patchouli, Raspberry & Pear

Gratitude: Cedar, Sandalwood & Fir

Love: Peach, Cherry, Jasmin & Lavender